4 Benefits of Santa Clarita Root Canal Therapy

4 Benefits of Santa Clarita Root Canal Therapy

Have you recently been experiencing a toothache or tooth sensitivity? Notice one of your teeth appear to be darker? You may be in need of a very simple treatment known as root canal therapy! At the dental practice of Shawn Javid DDS, we are proud to offer root canal treatment in Santa Clarita, CA for our patients that are experiencing an infected, damaged or even decayed tooth root/pulp. Root canals can have various benefits over alternative methods, including:

Root Canals Reduce Pain

Having an infected, decayed or even damaged tooth root can be quite painful and uncomfortable. Many patients experience tooth sensitivity and a severe toothache, limiting their ability to enjoy foods or even properly speak. Root canal treatment eliminates pain and discomfort, allowing patients to resume their normal life.

Root Canals Stop Infection

When it comes to root canals, an infection can be a pretty big deal, resulting in a dead tooth and potentially even sepsis (a blood infection that can be fatal when not properly treated). During root canal treatment, your dentist makes sure that any infection, bacteria, and decay is thoroughly removed.

Root Canals Preserve Your Tooth

When it comes to severely decayed, damaged or even infected teeth, many patients think that removing them is the best option, however, this is typically far from the case. At the practice of Shawn Javid DDS we are dedicating to preserving teeth as it is the best option for overall oral health in most cases.

Root Canals Are Cost Effective

Did you know that the cost of replacing teeth can cost thousands of dollars? When it comes to preserving your smile it can be beneficial for both your smile and wallet! Having teeth removed can lead to bone loss, demineralization and a range of other complications.

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