Common Diseases that Cause Tooth Decay

Common Diseases that Cause Tooth Decay

There is no part of the body that functions fully independently, and that includes your teeth. Tooth decay is caused by more things than just poor oral hygiene. It can be symptomatic of something much more serious. There are many diseases that can create tooth decay.

When you visit dental services in 91355, a dentist near you will examine your teeth for more than just their cosmetic appearance. The dentist will ask questions about your medical history as well as your lifestyle habits to try to get a full picture of your oral health.

There are certain diseases that can lead to tooth decay and you should let your dental office in Valencia, CA 91355 know about them, so they can provide the best health assistance possible.


Diabetes causes your blood sugar to be elevated, and this can have a huge impact on your mouth, because a common symptom of diabetes involves dry mouth. This leads to minimal saliva, which helps guard your mouth against bacteria. Having less means that your risk of getting cavities is much higher. As your tooth decay becomes higher, the risk of getting gum diseases increases. This is potentially bad because gum disease can exacerbate your blood sugar problems causing a vicious cycle.


Autoimmune conditions are symptomized by the body’s immune system attacking itself. This means they can attack large organ systems, or smaller ones such as the salivary glands. The one most commonly related to your oral health is Sjogren’s syndrome. This is similar to diabetes in which it leads to the mouth not making enough saliva, or sometimes not at all.

Anorexia and Bulimia

Severe eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can be caused when a person has a large phobia of becoming overweight. This can cause them to restrict food or vomit food back up. This can cause the teeth to decay because they are not getting enough nutrients and vitamins. They can also binge eat and vomit which can cause acid to come back up and begin eating away at the enamel protecting your teeth.

It is important to share with your dentist in Santa Clarita if you suffer from any of these disorders so they can properly address teeth concerns.