How Mouth Guards Help Protect Your Teeth?

How Mouth Guards Help Protect Your Teeth?

Nowadays everybody likes sports. Parents want that their children should play some kind of sports so they grow up to be fit and healthy. In some sports, it is very common to get an injury. Sometimes that injury is related to the mouth. Many dentists like Shawn Javid DDS suggest that if you want to protect your teeth from injury, you need a mouth guard.

When you should wear a mouth guard?

We don’t say that you wear guard for all the sports such as boxing, football, basketball, soccer, field hockey and so on but sometimes you need wear guard in non-sport activities such as gymnastics, mountain biking, material arts, surfing and so on. This help to protects lips, jaw, tongue, inner cheeks and so on.

How can mouth guards help your teeth?

It helps to protect in the following ways:

  • Mouth guard helps to protect from oral injuries and decrease the damages. It protects from broken teeth, tooth loss and so on
  • If you are wearing braces, then it protects your cheeks and gums from any damage from the braces.

Different types of mouth guards?

In the market, there are different types of mouth guards available which have their own ways to protect your teeth. These include stock mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards, custom fitted mouth guards and off the shelf mouth guards.

How to keep your mouth guard in good condition and when to replace it?

You can take care of mouth guards in many ways following you can find a few tips

  • Before and after you use mouth guard rinse your mouthpiece
  • Clean them properly with the help of toothpaste, toothbrush and so on
  • Store them in a standard container which comes along with that and change water daily

Braces and mouth guards

A brace mouth guard is bit advanced from normal guards that is why it is also expensive than the normal braces. While buying this mouth guard you need to keep following things in mind:

  • It should be custom fit so it can manage with all type of teeth
  • You feel comfortable while wearing

how to get a mouth guard?

Before buying mouth guard, you should talk to Shawn Javid DDS or a dentist near you. They will guide you on what kind of guard you need for your mouth. They can also tell you where you need to buy them.