Myths About Dental Sealants – Debunked!  3-4 times

Myths About Dental Sealants – Debunked! 3-4 times

Though fluoride treatment and regular dental checkups have emerged and become quite prevalent in the past few years, the instances of cavities are still common. Many adults seek treatment for cavities and decay. The fluoride treatment and regular dental cleaning are crucial for maintaining optimum oral health but the cavities still find their way! This makes it clear that one needs extra protection for the teeth.

Sealants are applied to the chewing surface of the teeth where decay is common. However, there are many misconceptions regarding dental sealants. Let’s address some of them.

Common Misconceptions about Dental Sealants

  • The Application of Sealants is Painful

One of the reasons why patients refuse to get dental sealants is because they think the procedure hurts. However, the truth is that the way an expert dentist applies the coating is gentle, non-invasive, and straightforward.

  • Only Children Can Get Dental Sealants

This is one of the most common misconceptions about dental sealants. However, the truth is that anyone can get sealants at any age. In fact, dentists encourage more and more people to take advantage of the procedure. People who have deep grooves and pits can benefit from the dental sealants.

  • Sealants Look Awkward On the Teeth

Some people believe that sealants will impact their appearance and make them look different. They assume that the coating can make their teeth appear unpleasant. However, dental sealants are completely visible and they bond quickly on the teeth. Thus, the aesthetic appeal of your smile is preserved.

  • It Costs More to Invest in Sealants

Another myth about dental sealants is that only wealthy people can afford the treatment. However, the fact is, sealants are one of the most affordable procedures in dentistry. Also, they are not more expensive than the cost one has to incur on restoration because of cavities. For a healthy set of teeth, dental sealant is ideal preventive measure which is better than restorative treatments.

The dental sealant is what the dentists in Valencia recommend to patients as it’s the preventive procedure which keeps the teeth protected from cavities.