Root Canal Treatment at Santa Clarita, Valencia

Have you recently been experiencing a severe toothache? Experiencing sensitivity to pressure or temperature? Notice one of your teeth appear to be darker than usual? You may be in need of root canal treatment in Valencia, CA! At Shawn Javid DDS, we are proud to offer root canals in Valencia, CA for our patients that have a decayed, damaged or even infected tooth root. Not sure if you need root canal treatment? Common symptoms a patient may have that require a root canal include:

  • Toothache
  • Pressure Sensitivity
  • Chewing Sensitivity
  • Hot Sensitivity
  • Cold Sensitivity
  • Tooth Discoloration/Darkening
  • Swollen Gums
  • Tender Gums
  • Infected Gums
  • Reoccuring Pimple on Gums

Think that you or a loved one may benefit from root canal therapy in Valencia, CA? Feel free to schedule your consultation with Dr. Javid today! We’d be more than happy to determine whether a root canal is recommended for you and your smile.

About Valencia, CA Root Canals

Although many patients think root canal treatment is a painful and scary experience, advancements in dentistry have actually made it a very comfortable, quick and successful treatment option for patients. During your root canal in Valencia, CA, your dentist will create a tiny hole in your affected tooth, allowing them to access the root canal and pulp of your affected tooth. Once the tiny hole has been created, your dentist will gently remove any bacteria, decay, and infection that is present along with cleaning the entire root canal. Once cleaned, the root canal is also disinfected and then filled to provide additional protection from future decay, infection or damage to the tooth root.

Following root canal treatment, we recommend dental crowns for our patients. Placing a dental crown following root canal treatment can provide additional structural support for the affected tooth, protect it from future complications and restore the appearance of the affected tooth.

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Ready to schedule your consultation for root canal treatment in Valencia, CA? Contact Shawn Javid DDS today. We’d be more than happy to get you on our schedule to determine if a root canal is right for you.

dr shawn javid

Dr. Shawn Javid

DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Dr. Shawn completed his undergraduate studies at California State University Northridge (CSUN) where he received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biological sciences.