Why You Might Benefit From Wearing a Night Guard

Why You Might Benefit From Wearing a Night Guard

Clenching teeth may seem a common dental problem but when it is quite frequent this may lead to wear down your teeth, break it or damage it. Nightguard may be suggested for clenching teeth issues. When you wake up with teeth pain or a sore jaw, this may be because; you have been grinding your teeth in night while sleeping. In such cases, you must consult an expert dentist at Shawn Javid DDS.

Prevent tooth damage

Clenching can break your teeth or may affect the health of your teeth enamel. To stop this damage, night guard can be used. Wearing night guard may destroy the friction that caused between the teeth while clenching and help prevent enamel to get damaged.

Alleviate pain & headaches

Clenching may cause toothaches as well as headaches. This is due to the constant friction that exists while you are grinding at night. Using night guard can actually help alleviate pain and headaches.

Reduce tension

If you experience bruxism issue, it may create muscle tension. This can disturb your everyday task, which may include eating, talking and laughing. Dentists at Shawn Javid DDS suggest getting night guard which can reduce tension and promote better functions.

Improve your sleep

Due to continuous clenching, you may experience symptoms of pain and irritation. Clenching may also disturb your night because you may get up quite a while. The night guard helps you stay relaxed and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Prevent Snoring

Individuals who suffer from issues of clenching are most likely to snore at night. Teeth grinding can directly be linked to snoring and sleep apnea. When mouth guards are used, the muscles removes the tension caused due to clenching and helps patient keep away from snoring.

What kind of night guards is right for me?

Mouth guards are a correct solution for clenching teeth issue and if best teeth guards are to be obtained one may get it from Shawn Javid DDS. One can purchase general mouth guard from chemist or may go for personalized and customized teeth guards.